A Firing Offense

“A dynamic thriller with the coolest, smartest journalist that fiction ever produced.” —Ben Bradlee, Washington Post

A Firing OffenseWhen rising-star reporter Eric Truell accepts information from a maverick CIA agent, he becomes enmeshed in an international trade war in which even his own newspaper may be an unsuspecting participant. When Eric’s sources tell him there is a spy inside the newsroom, he is tempted to cross a dangerous professional line and risk his career—possibly even his life—to find the truth.


“Features masterful plot mechanics, well-drawn characters, wit, and the truest depiction of an ego-mad passionate newsroom I’ve ever seen.” —David Remnick, author of Lenin’s Tomb and Resurrection

“A smart, perceptive novel about the temptations and rewards of the news industry…Mr. Ignatius deserves praise for an ending that recognizes that betrayals and mistakes have indelible consequences.” —Neil Conan, New York Times Book Review

“What is so admirable about David Ignatius’s novels of espionage is not merely the exquisite intrigue, the gnawing suspense or the compelling characterizations, but the fact that these books are completely original.” —Scott Turow, author of Burden of Proof


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