Agents of Innocence

Now back in print: the “superlative spy novel” (New York Times) by the author of the red-hot thriller A Firing Offense.

Agents of InnocenceAgents of Innocence is the book that established David Ignatius’s reputation as a master of the novel of contemporary espionage. Into the treacherous world of shifting alliances and arcane subterfuge comes idealistic CIA man Tom Rogers. Ordered to penetrate the PLO and recruit a high-level operative, he soon learns the heavy price of innocence in a time and place that has no use for it.


“An uncommonly informative and intriguing espionage thriller.” — Time

“An unparalleled and hauntingly accurate portrait of how the intelligence game is really played.” — Bob Woodward

“A first-rate achievement in the best tradition of Graham Greene.” — Los Angeles Times

“One of the best of all American spy novels…It resonates with the fraught work of making clandestine contacts with today’s murderous extremists.” —Stephen Grey, The Guardian


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