America and the World

Conversations on the Future of American Foreign Policy

“(E)xcellent…what makes Mr Brzezinski’s account interesting—and, in parts, intellectually demanding—is the sense it makes of the great swirl of shifting forces that set the context.” —Financial Times

America and the World: Conversations on the Future of American Foreign PolicyAmerica’s status as a world power remains at a historic turning point. The strategies employed to win the wars of the twentieth century are no longer working, and the US must contend with the changing nature of power in a globalized world.

In America and the World, two of the most respected figures in American foreign policy, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Brent Scowcroft, dissect the challenges facing the US today: the Middle East, Russia, and China, among others. In spontaneous conversations the two authors explore their agreements and disagreements. Defining the center of responsible opinion on American foreign policy, America and the World is an essential primer on a host of urgent issues at a time when our leaders’ decisions could determine how long our nation remains a superpower. Moderated by David Ignatius.


“[Brzezinski and Scowcroft] represent [the U.S. foreign policy establishment] at its wisest and best…and at all times both bring extraordinary insights to the U.S. foreign policy discussion. America and the World is in the form of a conversation between these two statesmen, moderated by the Washington Post columnist Ignatius…This is a wide-ranging and candid presentation of some of the principal themes in American political thought at this critical moment.” Foreign Affairs

“Their wide-ranging dialogue gives the reader an acute sense of the daunting challenges (including nuclear proliferation, global warming and terrorism) confronted by America in a rapidly changing international environment…What makes these discussions between Mr. Brzezinski and Mr. Scowcroft so bracing is their combination of common sense and an ability to place America’s relationship with a particular country in both a historical perspective and a regional context of competing interests and threats.” New York Times Book Review


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