“A riveting imagined world, so real in fact that one always wonders if it is imagined at all.” —Scott Turow

SiroMade restless by the tightening restrictions of CIA bureaucracy, agent Alan Taylor oversteps moral and legal bounds in a top-secret mission to destabilize the Soviet Union. His new recruit—the beautiful Anna Barnes, who struggles with complex feelings for Taylor—receives a deeper education than she signed up for in David Ignatius’s trademark world of shifting international and domestic pressures, hidden loyalties, and secret agendas.


“One of the best spy novels ever written by anyone about any era.” —Garrett Graff, Wired Magazine

“The best spy novel I have read in a very long time. Writing with grace and wit, Ignatius has created a dazzling plot, memorable characters, and a wealth of cautionary intrigue that’s in a class by itself.” —Ross Thomas, author of The Fourth Durango

“One would expect the foreign editor of The Washington Post to have a subtle and complex view of the world, and Siro displays that view nicely.” —Robin W. Winks, New York Times

“A tour de force in every sense of the word, a crackerjack story accurate to the last arcane detail, honest to the core, and utterly plausible in its gripping story.” —Charles McCarry, author of The Tears of Autumn


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