“A riveting imagined world, so real in fact that one always wonders if it is imagined at all.” — Scott Turow

SiroMade restless by the tightening restrictions of CIA bureaucracy, agent Alan Taylor oversteps moral and legal bounds in a top-secret mission to destabilize the Soviet Union. His new recruit—the beautiful Anna Barnes, who struggles with complex feelings for Taylor—receives a deeper education than she signed up for in David Ignatius’s trademark world of shifting international and domestic pressures, hidden loyalties, and secret agendas.


“The best spy novel I have read in a very long time. Writing with grace and wit, Ignatius has created a dazzling plot, memorable characters, and a wealth of cautionary intrigue that’s in a class by itself.” — Ross Thomas, author of The Fourth Durango

“One would expect the foreign editor of The Washington Post to have a subtle and complex view of the world, and Siro displays that view nicely.” — Robin W. Winks, New York Times

“A tour de force in every sense of the word, a crackerjack story accurate to the last arcane detail, honest to the core, and utterly plausible in its gripping story.” — Charles McCarry, author of The Tears of Autumn


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