The Increment

A New York Times Bestseller

“A remarkably timely and pulse-quickening tale of deception, divided loyalty, and moral haziness.” —Raleigh News & Observer

The IncrementHarry Pappas, chief of the CIA’s Persia House, receives an encrypted message from a scientist in Tehran. But soon the source of secrets from the Iranian bomb program dries up: the scientist panics; he’s being followed, but he doesn’t know who’s on to him, and neither does Harry. To get his agent out, Harry turns to a secret British spy team known as “The Increment,” whose operatives carry the modern version of the double-O “license to kill.” But the real story is infinitely more complicated than Harry understands, and to get to the bottom of it he must betray his own country.


“A page-turner of the highest order.” Publishers Weekly

“A meticulously crafted, tightly woven tale…A thinking person’s thriller.” Kirkus (starred review)

“In a world where so much spy fiction is junk, it’s refreshing to come across a book that enlightens as well as entertains.” Washington Times

TV News

Universal Cable Productions and Hypnotic have teamed to develop a television series based on The Increment. Gideon Raff (Homeland) is set to write the adaptation and direct. (Deadline, 3/17/16)


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